The orders are processed during weekdays between 10:00 and 18:00. If the order takes places after closing hours it will be processed in the following working day.Our customer service will always send confirmation email about the order. If for some reason you don't receive a confirmation letter within one working day, please contact our customer service. Carrying out the order generally takes 14 working days starting from receiving the confirmation email. In special cases this might change and we will inform the customer after the order took place.The order can be canceled until the end of the following working day (18:00).

After this date the tailoring will start therefore we cannot cancel the order and you are obliged to pay for the item. In some cases it can occur the selected item is no longer manufactured or it is temporary out of stock. In this case we reserve the rights to reject partly or completely the order even if the confirmation email was already sent. In case of partly rejection the order can take place only after discussion with the customer about the items to be delivered. In case of rejection of an already payed order the complete amount will be refunded. We publish our prices from an external database therefor in rare circumstances it can happen the displayed prices are not correct. For these errors we do not take responsibly, however all orders based on incorrect prices can be canceled without any consequences.